Exinitic CRM

Complete CRM Solution For Your Brokerage

Advanced CRM including Client Portal, IB Portal and PAMM/MAM. Designed for Sales, Back office and Management teams.

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Smooth lead conversion, client management and retention

EXINITIC CRM provides you with the essential toolset to organize and fine-tune your work to the extent you require. Fully manage your leads and customers, streamline lead conversion, client onboarding and retention, and see the birds-ey view of your business activity from one centralized dashboard.

Client & IB Portal

Our solution comes with dedicated Admin and Client user portals, and a highly customizable, fully branded GUI, granting brokers freedom to finetune every aspect of their business, minimizing the dependency on the provider. Add languages, group client segments into pools, apply group rules, and designate trading conditions to clients. Classify your internal teams, leads, clients and partners with corresponding settings for greater operability.

MT4 / MT5 Hosting & Administration

Save time and money, leave MT4 / MT5 Server Hosting and IT maintenance in the hands of professionals and focus only on acquiring new clients for your brokerage business. We offer a cost-effective solution at a fixed monthly fee – cheaper than building your own support team.


Key Features

Multiple dashboards with full customization allow you to get all the info you need in one page.
Detailed reports and analytics for registration, trade, transaction logs, account status and more
Every feature of our CRM system is specifically designed for the needs of brokers.
Transparent operation logs for automatic or manual handling of various types of user requests
Customizable ready-made email templates, multi-purpose KYC templates and registration forms
System notifications and automatic reminders for document renewal
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